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An owner's manual for the human body.

Smart solutions to regain and maintain strength, health & youth.

About the book.

Brain Over Brawn is an succinct instruction manual for the care, feeding, and maintenance of men and women, and deals in equal measure with the methods for proper upkeep and the reasoning and science behind those techniques.

The complete and unabridged e-book version is available for free. No strings attached. BoB is also available in paperback via Amazon.com.

Praise for the book.

"This is one amazing book. Don't let the pseudo new age-y title throw you off, it's 100% legit. It is even fully cited with footnotes, which is unfortunately rare these days. Everything you need to know, with no filler, and it even clears up a lot of old wives tales and government lies about nutrition. Learn everything in the book and then go help your loved ones." - Silence Dogood