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An owner's manual for the human body.

Smart solutions to regain and maintain strength, health & youth.

About the book.

Brain Over Brawn is an succinct instruction manual for the care, feeding, and maintenance of men and women, and deals in equal measure with the methods for proper upkeep and the reasoning and science behind those techniques.

The complete and unabridged e-book version is available for free. No strings attached. BoB is also available in paperback via Amazon.com.

Praise for the book.

"Brain Over Brawn takes all the noise in the modern Health & Fitness field, be it solid research or horrid crash diet, and distills it into easy-to-process advice on living well. To be honest, I've heard of several of the tenants described in this book but never really understood them. Brain Over Brawn made these concepts friendly to me as a health-novice (not to mention it's an amusing read too!). So far, I've lost 25 pounds in 3 months while following the advice in Brain Over Brawn and there are no signs of any let up." - M. Andrews