Pardon Our Dust

Posted January 14th, 2010 in Site Update by Clint

Please excuse the mess as we unroll our new and improved site to accompany the book “Brain Over Brawn: Smart solutions to regain and maintain health, strength & youth”, currently available at amazon.com and (very) select retailers. Our new site will include links to additional reading and references for nutrition and exercise, healthy cooking, and answers to questioned emailed to me regarding the book, health topics, and life at large. Also included will be miscellaneous debris from myself deemed relevant to the topic of this book.

As promised, the ebook will soon be available through this site. Amazon has received their first shipment from us and should be updating their stocks to ‘usually ships within 24 hours’ aaaany minute now. Quantities will be limited (by them, not by us) but we have requested they stock up and will keep you informed when it is more readily available.

Thank you for your interest in the book. Stay tuned for updates (we should have an RSS feed and other such frivolities in the very near future).

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