AtA: Dynamic Stretching (for Golf)

Posted July 28th, 2010 in Ask the Author and tagged , , , by Clint

What do you recommend for golf?

Color-blindness to help you in selecting the right pants?

If you’re going to sink it in every hole, make sure your wife doesn’t find out?

Go to your Happy Place?

haw haw haw~ (haw)

So anyway, I’m assuming you mean in regard to dynamic stretching. Truth be told, all four stretches in the book are beneficial to golf. The pull-squat opens up hip mobility, windmills stretch the shoulder axis, torso twists will improve rotational power, and even neck stretches can help unlimber your traps and shoulder girdle for swings. That’s not a cop-out; hip-drive and torque can immediately improve your game.

Beyond what’s in the book, you may enjoy doing one-arm planks (neutral spine, but tighten your (ugh I hate this word) “core” so that you can raise one arm out in front like a superman.

Apart from stretching (and back to the book) two specific exercises can significantly help as well: the first is working your way into one-hand push-ups. More than a shoulder routine, it actually develops significant (ugh) core strength. Second is the split-squat, which is hard to match for developing hip drive and rotational power.

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