Lift Something Heavy Contest Winner! (finally!)

Posted June 9th, 2010 in Contests by Clint

Speaking of engineer bags, we finally have enough entries to declare a winner for the “lift something heavy” contest I started way back at the beginning of this blog.

Okay this has been a while in coming, but I’ll start off by saying I’ve been at this for just over 6 weeks. Here is my gear:wow, people are actually doing this thing. cool.

I thought different colors of duct tape would make things more fun, and to a point, it does. I’m not entirely happy about the bag I got, though. It’s big enough that I can fit all of my weights into it and have room for plenty more. I could probably fit myself into it if I wanted. But because I have relatively short legs, I find it pretty difficult to lift by the handles properly, which means I need to grab it from the bottom for deadlifts.

I bought 20 pairs of XXXL socks and three bags of pea gravel. I would stuff a sock as much pea gravel as I could fit, then I would work another sock over it in the opposite direction, and finally I would tape them up. This worked out pretty well, I fit two bags of pea gravel into 10 weights this way. I still have another bag of gravel but I doubt I’ll need to make more than five more weights. There is some variation in the weights – in particular, one of the blue ones weighs much less than the others, but I just make sure to leave that one out for the exercises with only a few weights, and put it in for the ones with most or all. I’m deliberately not weighing them to avoid the psychological barrier as suggested. I would guess they’re somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds though.

Other than that, I’ve bought a sleeping mask and a good amount of whey protein, and I’m trying to follow the 40/40/20 split. I do tend to go a bit high on carbs, though. Nevertheless, I’ve maintained a weight of 180 pounds while gaining a significant amount of muscle. It’s also nice to easily move things that I found daunting not long ago. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and it feels great.

Congratulations to EC for both his winning entry and his dedication and progress.

Also, don’t let the contest being resolves stop anyone from submitting pictures of their training equipment or setups. I always like to see how people are making it happen.

The ‘Grab Something Heavy’ Contest

Posted February 2nd, 2010 in Contests by Clint

As I’ve said repeatedly in the book, despite the rapid progress of both science and technology, there has yet to be developed a stimulus better than simply grabbing-aholt of something heavy and moving it. I collaborated on making some ‘engineer bags’ for some friends for Christmas, and along with hearing of a few readers’ custom-built (or DIY if you prefer) resistance training apparatuses (hippopotamuses, hippopotamai?) I decided I would like to see more.

two stacks of rocksocks, prepped for userock socks being stacked into an engineer bag

So we’re running a contest. Winners receive an autographed copy of Brain Over Brawn, postage paid. The criteria are fairly straight-forward:

  • authentic equipment one actually uses will receive priority over comedy responses
  • action photos of equipment in use is preferable to just pictures of equipment (like mine, woops)
  • please pre-blur or edit any photos prior to submission (if you don’t want your face on the internet, blur it out)
  • I’ll reply to whatever emails have sent winning pictures, and receive the shipping information from same (this information will only be used for fulfillment)

I’m looking forward to seeing your own innovative homebrew workout gear. Good luck.