Get the book.

#1 Get the free e-book, so you can check it out and share it with friends with zero commitment. Here you go: Brain Over Brawn (e-book v1.0).

#2 Pick up a paperback copy if you enjoy and (or?) learn from it. It’s a nice way to say thanks. Don’t like paper books? Give it as a gift. Surely you know someone who would benefit from it.

#3 Or don’t. I’m not big on guilt. If you’re a poor college student, out of work, or visiting this page at the library, buddy, I understand. Either way I hope it improves your life. But don’t count out step #4.

#4 Tell someone. Email the link to your folks, tweet about it, like us and share it on Facebook. This is where you can be a pal. Help me, help your friends. (Links are at the top; get crackin’.)