Sion Church – Jakarta’s Oldest Hangout!

Sion Church – Jakarta's Oldest Hangout!

So, there’s this cool place called Sion Church – it’s like the OG church in Jakarta, been there since 1695! You can find it at Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta No. 1, Pinangsia Village, Tamansari District, West Jakarta. Super old, but still standing strong!

Sion Church : Blast from the Past

Imagine being in Jakarta back in the 17th century when Sion Church first happened. Picture the vibes of Batavia during the VOC era – that’s where the church’s original bells were installed.

Sion Church – Jakarta's Oldest Hangout!

Sion Church : Ding-Dong, Original Bells Alert!

These ain’t your regular bells; they’re legit from the VOC era. Think about it – the sound of these bells echoing through the city way back when, marking all kinds of historic moments.

Sion Church : Graveyard Vibes

As you walk in, peep the graves of Dutch folks in the front yard. They’re like different shapes and sizes, showing off the fancy ranks of the people buried there.

Time Traveling in the Church

Take a chill stroll inside – you can almost feel the history. The walls have seen it all, from wild parties to serious stuff. It’s like a time machine in there!

Check Out the Fancy Architecture

Take a good look at how the church is built – it’s like a mini fortress of history. Even a five-year-old could appreciate the coolness of it all.

Stories on the Walls

See those carvings on the walls? They tell stories, like a history book but cooler. It’s like the walls are whispering tales of Jakarta’s past.

Stained Glass Awesomeness

Look up, and you’ll see these amazing stained glass windows. They’re not just for show – they tell Bible stories in a way that even kids can dig.

Sunday Funday at Sion Church

This place isn’t just old and fancy; it’s alive! Families roll in every Sunday for services and hangouts. It’s like a big family reunion every week.

Keeping It Real – Heritage Style

Find out how they’re keeping this historical gem in tip-top shape. Regular maintenance, special projects – they’re doing all they can to make sure Sion Church stays awesome for future generations.

You’re Invited!

To wrap it up, Sion’s Church wants everyone to swing by. Whether you’re into history, cool buildings, or just want to be part of a tight-knit community, Sion Church is the spot. Come join the party and soak up some Jakarta history!