The Our Lady of Akita Prayer Park: Location and Visiting Rules

The Our Lady of Akita Prayer Park: Location and Visiting Rules

Welcome to The Our Lady of Akita Prayer Park, where something special awaits families and kids. It’s like a magical garden with a beautiful statue of Mother Mary shedding tears. You don’t need to fly to Japan to see it because there’s a fantastic replica right here at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) 2.

The Our Lady of Akita Prayer Park : The Amazing Story Behind the Statue

This isn’t just any statue; it’s a replica of the one in Akita, Japan, where Mother Mary shed tears. A super skilled woodcarver named Ichiro Urano San made this one, and he saw the real tears in Japan. The statue, along with one of Saint Joseph, was brought all the way from Japan!

The Our Lady of Akita Prayer Park: Location and Visiting Rules

The Our Lady of Akita Prayer Park : Let’s Talk About Location

So, where is this cool prayer park? It’s right in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) 2. Imagine a place with beautiful trees, flowers, and a special spot where you can feel close to Mother Mary.

The Our Lady of Akita Prayer Park : Opening Hours – When to Visit

Now, let’s talk about when you can visit. The Our Lady of Akita Prayer Park is open on specific days and times. It’s like going to a magical wonderland, but you need to know when the gate is open!

Weekday Wonders and Weekend Fun

You can visit on weekdays or weekends, but it’s essential to check the schedule. Maybe plan a family day on the weekend or a quick visit after school during the week. It’s your choice!

Rules for a Happy Visit

Before you head to the park, there are some simple rules to follow. Think of them as magical spells to make sure everyone has a happy time. No running, be kind to the flowers, and remember to be respectful to Mother Mary’s statue.

Exploring the Magical Garden

Once you’re in, get ready to explore! The park is like a magical garden full of colors and surprises. Walk around, smell the flowers, and feel the peace that comes from being close to Mother Mary’s statue.

Who is Mother Mary?

You might be wondering, “Who is Mother Mary?” She’s like a loving mom to people who follow the Catholic faith. People believe she appeared in Akita, Japan, and her tears show that she cares about everyone.

Meet Saint Joseph

Besides Mother Mary, there’s also a statue of Saint Joseph in the park. He’s like a cool grandpa who takes care of everyone. It’s like having two special friends in one magical place!

Make a Wish at the Wishing Spot

Guess what? There’s a special spot in the park where you can make a wish. It’s like a secret area where kids can close their eyes, make a wish, and feel like magic is happening.

The Joy of Being Together

In the end, The Our Lady of Akita Prayer Park is a place where families can come together, enjoy nature, and feel the love and joy that Mother Mary and Saint Joseph bring. It’s a little piece of magic right in Jakarta!